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Posted 8 days ago
Inspect and report compliance of zones’ rules and regulations, which include; Customers, Zone employees and Facilities.
Follow applicable processes and procedures and inspection...
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Job Description:

  1. Contribute to the execution of the inspection plan by conducting the required field work to ensure that all requirements of the plan are met.

  2. Execute inspection field work as assigned by colleagues and undertake all allocated tasks under supervision to identify any non-compliance instances.

  3. Develop reports on inspection findings in a timely and accurate manner to ensure that findings and any corresponding corrective action is identified and reported.

  4. Process/verify routine inspection documentation, according to defined procedures, in order to check for completeness and/or errors.

  5. Update and maintain records on a regular basis to ensure easy retrieval, validity and accuracy of data.

  6. As and when required follow up with customers on inspection-related matters, to resolve findings/issues.

  7. Perform other work associated duties as assigned by direct line manager

Skills Required:

• attention to detail
• analytical skills
• knowledge of applicable rules and regulations
• communication skills
• inspection skills
• basic computer skills


Education Qualification:

General Highschool Certificate

Minimum Experience:

0 to 2 years


United Arab Emirates

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